‘Villena 38 points’ KB Insurance, Samsung Fire and Marine… Heungkuk Life Insurance 2 consecutive wins

KB Insurance drove Samsung Fire & Marine to a 4-game losing streak.

KB Insurance won with a set score of 3-1 (25-23 25-20 23-25 ​​25-23) in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance match held at Uijeongbu Gymnasium on the 21st.

KB Insurance, which broke its two consecutive losses, maintained 6th place (7-15 losses, 21 points) and widened the gap with 7th place Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (5-18 losses, 17 points) to 4 points. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance has fallen into a quagmire of four consecutive losses.

KB Insurance Villena, who missed the match against OK Financial Group on the 17th due to a thigh injury, made a big success by achieving the triple crown that day. He was responsible for 38 points, including 5 blocks, 3 serves, and 18 shots from the back. Hwang Gyeong-min also helped with 18 points.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance struggled with 14 points, including 32 points from Ikbairi and 6 blocks from Kim Jun-woo, but failed to escape from losing streak.

KB Insurance took the first set and took the lead.

At 15-15, Hwang Taek-eui and Kim Hong-jeong scored consecutively, and Hwang Kyung-min’s quick open reached 20 points. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance continued to chase until the last minute, but KB Insurance finished the first set with Villena’s back attack on 24-23.

The second set was also occupied by KB Insurance.

KB Insurance overturned the charter in 18-19 with Hwang Kyung-min’s time-lag attack and Hwang Taek-eui’s sub ace. In 21-20, after Hwang Kyung-min’s open attack, Viyena scored three consecutive goals to put Samsung Fire to rest. 안전놀이터

Samsung Fire & Marine took the 3rd set and counterattacked.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which was dragged from the beginning and pushed back 11-17, narrowed the gap with scores from Ikbairi, Kim Jun-woo, and Kim Jeong-ho. In 18-20, Ikbairi’s open attack caught up with a one-point difference.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which showed its back intention, reached the set point with Noh Jae-wook’s consecutive blocking and Ikbairi’s back attack in 21-22, and Kim Jeong-ho’s Sagancha attack brought the third set.

However, KB Insurance regrouped in the 4th set. Vyena took the lead as a solver.

KB Insurance reversed itself in 9-13 with the opponent’s mistake and Villena’s 4 consecutive goals. Viyena boosted the atmosphere with a back attack and a series of sub-aces, and once again shook Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance with a back attack.

In 18-17, Viyena widened the score by intercepting the opponent’s Ikbairi following an open attack. In 22-21, KB Insurance, which scored another point with Villena’s back attack, ended the game with Hwang Kyung-min’s time difference attack at the match point.

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