We can’t play soccer, don’t we have money? Chelsea aim for ‘mass hijacking’ in January

Chelsea seems to have properly pooled their funds in the January transfer window. The British media diagnosed that Chelsea could ‘steal’ a lot of players that other big clubs are aiming for.

British ‘Express’ reported on the 12th (Korean time) that ‘Chelsea is trying to steal four players taken by Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur’.

The Express said: ‘Several Premier League clubs are looking for new signings through the January transfer window. “Chelsea have the upper hand thanks to owner Todd Boelli’s willingness to spread the cash.”

Boelli is an American capitalist. He took over Chelsea last summer. Immediately after taking office, he moved very actively, including trying to recruit Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, Chelsea was sluggish unlike Boelli’s mind. From the beginning of the season, when the game did not work out as intended, Boelli mercilessly fired manager Thomas Tuchel. After appointing head coach Graham Porter, he went on a 9-game unbeaten run. In the last 9 matches, they have gone down with 2 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses.

There were reports that even manager Porter could be sacked. Chelsea are 10th with 25 points from 17 matches. It is difficult to guarantee even the Europa League, let alone TOP4. If Porter is fired, it’s like hiring three directors a year. The burden is great.

For this reason, Boelli is expected to make a breakthrough by recruiting a hot player instead of changing the manager. He has already signed Joao Felix, who is said to be Ronaldo’s successor, on loan. The Express said Boelli was providing financial support for Porter in the January transfer window.

The Express analyzed that Chelsea could ‘steal’ Mikailo Mudrik, Jude Bellingham, Moises Caseido, Marcus Thuram and Pedro Poro.

Moudrik is Arsenal, Bellingham and Caseido are Liverpool, Thuram is Manchester United, and Po is the players Tottenham are trying to 온라인카지노 recruit.

Bellingham are very strongly linked to Liverpool. However, it is a hassle as even Real Madrid participates in the recruitment war.

Manchester United and Tottenham are in a difficult situation to spend big money in January. If Chelsea offer an amount that is difficult to refuse, the destination can change as much as it wants.

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