Wearing a suit by director Seok Jin-wook… OK Financial Group Desperate for Spring Volleyball

OK Financial Group’s desperation for spring volleyball was revealed in Seok Jin-wook’s outfit. Coach Seok Jin-wook, who is accustomed to wearing a training suit, is trying to escape the slump by wearing a suit with good memories against KEPCO.

OK Financial Group will hold round 5 of the men’s division of the Dodram 2022-23 V-League with KEPCO at Ansang Sangnoksu Gymnasium on the 16th.

OK Financial Group is not in a good mood recently. OK Financial Group, which had been cruising by climbing to 3rd place until the 3rd round, fell into sluggishness from the 4th round and has only 3 wins (7 losses) in the last 10 games. The ranking also fell to 5th, making it impossible to guarantee advancement to spring volleyball.

For the team desperately in need of a rebound, head coach Seok Jin-wook made small changes by wearing clean suits instead of the training suits he had worn consistently this season.

Coach Seok explained the reason for the changed outfit, saying, “I wore a suit only once this season. It was a match against KEPCO in November of last year, and we won 3-1 at that time. I wore a suit because I have a good memory.”

OK Financial Group currently ranks 5th with 13 wins and 15 losses (39 points) and is chasing Woori Card (14 wins and 14 losses, 41 points). There is still a possibility for spring volleyball because it is possible to jump to third place depending on the race of the day.

Manager Seok Jin-wook said, “All the players have a strong will to do it. The difference between third place and the score is two points.” 먹튀검증

From the perspective of OK Financial Group, which must win unconditionally, it is nice to see the return of captain Cha Ji-hwan, who suffered a knee injury. Cha Ji-hwan, who took a break for about a week due to his knee injury, starts this day as an apogee rather than his main position, outsider hitter.

Coach Seok said, “Cha Ji-hwan is performing as expected this season. He received well and attacked well as an outsider heater. In a situation where the team needed an apogee, Ji-hwan Cha said he would try first, so I trusted him and appointed him.” .

4th place KEPCO is also competing for spring volleyball tickets. KEPCO coach Kwon Young-min said, “I didn’t say ‘if I win today, I’ll be third’ because it would be a burden to the players. However, the players themselves know that it is an important game.” If we do, we will have a good match.”

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