Woods, who was rumored to be in trouble, regained his honor with his skills

It was an unexpected gossip. Still, the ‘golf emperor’ was like an emperor.

Tiger Woods (48, USA) could not smile brightly throughout the PGA Tour Genesis Invitational, which ended on the 20th (Korean time) at the Riviera Golf Course in Los Angeles, California, USA. One reason. It was because of the self-inflicted controversy in the first round.

The story was like this. Woods showed off a cool 295m tee shot on hole 9 (par 4) that day. Although his body is not yet in good shape due to the aftermath of a car accident two years ago, he kept the middle of the fairway with a clean fade shot. This tee shot was by far the best among my companions. The driver shots of Justin Thomas (30) and Jordan Spieth (30 and older, USA), both of whom were much younger, were 286m and 278m, respectively, and both failed to catch up with Woods. Woods was the only one who kept the fairway.

However, Sadal woke up while moving to the second shot point. Woods handed something to Thomas, who was walking with him. It was a women’s sanitary pad. His intention was to ridicule juniors who had a shorter flight distance than himself by comparing them to female golfers.

Thomas, Woods’ best friend, burst out laughing. However, as the scene aired, it became the center of controversy. Public opinion began to form that Woods degraded women. The scandal spread, and golf fans as well as the media focused on Woods. USA Today criticized, “It was something Woods, who has a 15-year-old daughter, shouldn’t have done,” and Sky Sports host Sarah Stuck said, “It was a very stupid move. She is disappointing,” he snapped.

In the end, at a press conference held right after the second round, Woods said, “It was a joke with no bad intentions. I am sorry if I have offended anyone.”

Woods, who has been pointed the most recently. However, he did not waver in terms of performance like an emperor. In the next three rounds, he reduced 4 strokes by tying 1 eagle, 3 birdies and 1 bogey. The cheers of the gallery were the same. When Woods finished the game, applause poured in from the field. Of course, Woods did not lift his head easily.

In the final round on the 20th, which started in a tie for 26th place, the senses became somewhat dull. Woods, who came out wearing a matching red top and black bottoms as usual, started the first hole (par 5) with a birdie. However, he faltered, scoring only three bogeys on the remaining holes in the first half. In the second half, he wrote two birdies and two bogeys, finishing the Genesis Invitational with a tie for 45th with 1 under par and 283 strokes. 카지노

Woods played sparsely after suffering a car accident in February 2021. Recently, his break has become longer, and with this tournament, he made his comeback after 7 months. Although his leg is still lame and he has suffered from gossip, he passed the cut among the outstanding players and still boasted of his senses. Above all, it was a great income that he completed the 4th round for the first time since the Masters in April of last year. He also recorded an average driving distance of 280m over four days, and his longest distance was 333m.

Meanwhile, the championship was won by Yon Ram (29, Spain). On the last day, Ram tied 5 birdies and 3 bogeys to reduce 2 strokes and reached the top with 17 under par 267 strokes. The winning prize is 3.6 million dollars (approximately 4.68 billion won).

Rahm, who won the Sentry Champions Tournament and the American Express in January, has won three victories this year alone, while conquering this tournament. It is the best personal pace. In addition, this 2022-2023 season continued the upward trend of recording top 10 in all six competitions.

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